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May 28, 2009 by  
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This article is a message Jenny wrote in response to a question about fibromyalgia.

Thank you for your email, and it was nice meeting you last Tuesday night at seminar.  To answer your question…From what I’ve witnesses and studied, Fibromyalgia is a somewhat mysterious circumstance which affirms what we all need to do with our bodies:  listen to our body on an hourly basis and nurture it and give it what it needs.  Usually, most people think their body needs a lot of rest, but that is in fact not so accurate.  Yes, the body needs to sleep every 24 hours or so, but the more movement the body does, the more energy the body will actually have…

So why does it seem that the body is “worn out” as we are older?  Only because we misuse our body–specifically through undermovement coupled with poor alignment of the skeleton when we do actually move.  How does this happen?  And why are our knees affected?  Through sitting in chairs most of our adult lives is how it happens; and then, when we do walk, one or both of our feet are typically turned out like a little duck, and then our knees wear unevenly.  So, in effect, we DO wear out our knees, but the knees will heal if we start walking with proper alignment–in short, the toes and kneecaps MUST face forward when we walk.  Really forward, and not turned out at all.  That’s one thing.  The other is the actual source of the problem:  tight hips, stemming from those darn chairs.  First, start by gently opening and loosening the hips using the 10-minute sequence, done in bed on a regular basis (see www.10minutesotopainfree.com for the whole series).  Then, when the hips are more pliant, in a couple of days or weeks of that, spend more time on the floor.  If the idea of getting on the floor scares you, as it does some octagenarians, stay tuned:  a forthcoming “getting up and down from the ground” is on its way to the 10-minutes member website as part of the “Being Pain Free” movement I am happily promoting.  Thank you so much for looking into improving your health with me icon smile Fibromyalgia

I hope all this information helps you on your way to being whole and complete!

With love,
Jenny B.